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Smiling is at the very core of our being. Many people go through their life not liking something about their teeth or smile. So, they stop smiling or hide their smile behind their hand. How we present ourselves to others is important to us all. It is our privilege to be able to change someone’s life and their perception of themselves through simply enhancing their smile.


If your teeth are straight and well preserved, but an unfortunate colour, then whitening is probably the most appealing way of improving their appearance, because it doesn’t alter the size or shape of your teeth. The Kor Whitening system can dramatically whiten teeth, often 16 shades or more lighter depending on the teeth’s susceptibility. Whitening is considered entirely safe and will involve periodic home care to maintain your results.   The Kor Whitening system works by restoring your teeth’s ability to absorb oxygen. The oxygen from the whitening gel is absorbed deeply into the tooth dissolving stain molecules and altering how the teeth absorb and reflect light.

Please call our friendly team to discuss your whitening options – Phone 49262240

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If your teeth are straight and well preserved, but an unfortunate colour, then whitening is probably the most appealing way of improving their appearance, because it doesn’t alter the size or shape of your teeth. However, if the teeth are crooked, broken, chipped or worn, as well as being an unfortunate colour then veneers may be what you are looking for.

Veneers are like little sleeves that are joined to your tooth to hide the tooth underneath. Modern techniques sometimes allow the veneer to be placed without changing the shape of your underlying tooth, but if your tooth is badly damaged or rotated, then some preparation of your tooth will be beneficial.

When you are considering veneers it is important to think of how many teeth are seen when you smile or laugh. You probably don’t want to end up with a mismatch between your front teeth and your back teeth, which is common if only your front teeth are veneered. You don’t need to veneer all of your back teeth, only those that are visible when you smile or laugh out loud. It can be hard for you to see these teeth, which is why a photo taken from the side while you are laughing can be very revealing.

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Crowns are used when your tooth has been so damaged that there is very little tooth left. We really only consider crowns as an option of last resort. In the old days crowns were much more common, as the types of materials available really didn’t allow us to create attractive looking restorations without removing a lot of healthy tooth to strengthen a broken part.

Modern techniques allow us to leave the strong parts of your tooth intact and only remove the weak or broken parts. These ceramic materials look good, make your tooth stronger and do not destroy healthy parts of your tooth to achieve this.

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Adult Orthodontics

Veneers can be used to disguise crooked teeth, but sometimes it is a much better idea to move the teeth to where they should be.

The reasons for considering adult orthodontics might range from simply wanting straighter teeth to wanting a long term solution for relief from temporo-mandibular disorders and amenable obstructive sleep apnoea. Neuro-muscular dentistry can remove a lifetime of pain and adult orthodontics can remove the need to wear an orthosis for the rest of your life.

Adult orthodontics is very good at straightening your teeth. Adults with crooked teeth often have other damage to their teeth, such as chipping or wear. Physiologic aesthetics is important to us at Capricornia Dental Centre and we will be careful to never compromise your outcome by placing teeth where they might be harmful to your health or accepting broken, chipped or worn teeth as something that is a legacy of your past that cannot be changed.

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Non-surgical Facelift

Everyone is aware that when someone with dentures takes those dentures out, their face falls in, their wrinkles become much more pronounced and they look a lot older. What is not so widely recognised is that this can also happen to people who have all of their teeth.

As we age, our jaws can drop back in our face, our bite can collapse and we can look a whole lot older than we need to as a result. Neuro-muscular dentistry is able to recapture what has been lost and provide facial support to those who would like not only beautiful functional teeth, but a more youthful profile and appearance.

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