Whether it’s an emergency or routine check-up, our friendly professional team will find out what is happening – and most importantly – why.

Will it hurt?

We know that a dentist visit is up there on the list of things people avoid – but at Capricornia Dental Centre we go the extra mile to make you comfortable and maybe even have you look forward to seeing us!

Some ways we do this are:

  • cream for your lips and dark glasses for your eyes
  • TV screens and headphones, with a wide selection of movies and shows
  • happy gas (nitrous oxide) or stronger sedation if needed
  • rest for your jaw, so you don’t get tired holding your mouth open
  • a rubber blanket, which keeps water and any strange tastes out of your mouth
  • we can use the NuCalm relaxation system– an all-natural therapy that makes you feel as though you are just about to go to sleep. NuCalm has no recovery period – when your appointment has finished you are ready to go about your day as usual.

Getting all the facts

The best way we can help is to start by gathering all the facts we can about you. So when you see us for the first time, we’ll:

  • run through a checklist while the dentist is looking at your mouth, a bit like a pilot’s pre-flight check
  • look carefully at your lips, tongue, cheeks and facial soft tissues
  • check your facial and neck muscles, especially if any are sore
  • examine your teeth, checking for wear and tear, the state of any fillings, any signs of decay and plaque and stains that should be removed
  • check and measure your gums

Do I need X-rays?

We only recommend x-rays when we feel they are really warranted. There are 2 basic kinds:

  • close-up to check for decay between teeth and see the surrounding bone
  • full jaw to show both upper and lower jaws in three dimensions.

Photographic Records

We add photos to your record to allow us to see where we started, and keep a record of progress. They’re also excellent to allow you to ‘see what we see’.

That’s it – have you booked in yet?

We’re looking forward to getting to know you. Once we have the big picture, we’ll take all the time you need to develop a comprehensive plan to get you to optimal dental health – or just deal with the problem at hand. Timing and action is up to you completely.