Dentistry for your whole life

At Capricornia Dental Centre in Rockhampton, we aim to restore and then maintain your strong, healthy, good-looking teeth, mouth and jaws for every stage of life. We know you understand the health advantages of preventative dentistry, and you are seeking the best in affordable dental services.

Keep your teeth strong and your smile dazzling

We help you plan achievable and realistic lifetime dental health for you and your family. We never take the “drill, fill, bill, see us in 6 months” approach, because we always keep your long-term health goals in mind. We appreciate you want your smile to be the best it can be, and you want to keep your teeth and mouth healthy, especially as you age.

Caring and committed team

Our committed and caring team stay abreast of the latest research and technological advances in the evolving science of dentistry. We take the time to thoroughly investigate underlying causes for symptoms and we will carefully discuss every aspect of diagnosis and treatment with you.

We love a great referral

Get in touch with our team to ask any question or make an appointment. We love referrals from friends and family, so we ensure you are comfortable with your dental care plan and happy with your experience at our clinic.