At Capricornia Dental Centre, we aim to make these common dental procedures as easy and painless as possible, and we’ll give you as many options for treatment as we can.


We use tooth-coloured composite resin for restoring cavities or replacing worn amalgam fillings. This resin is best for a small filling in a visible spot, keeping as much of the tooth structure as possible.


Teeth are usually extracted because the tooth:

  • can’t be repaired
  • is infected or badly damaged and you don’t want to repair it
  • is damaging other teeth or causing pain (such as wisdom teeth)

It’s important you know that bone diminishes once the tooth is removed. We can arrange a bone graft at the same time the tooth is extracted. This gives you more future options should you choose to replace that tooth. We’re always happy to discuss  any procedure and options with you to ensure you’re completely comfortable with treatment.

Root Canal Treatment

When the nerve, or pulp, in the tooth dies a root canal treatment is the usual option, as the alternative is extraction. Treatment is normally spread over two visits. After a root canal treatment is completed there can be a significant amount of tooth missing.

To maintain strength in the tooth, a crown is often recommended to prevent a fracture later. Talk to us about any aspect of this treatment.