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The most important thing we can do for you is diagnose the reason for your mouth to be in its current condition and then project your current situation into the future to give you an idea of where you are heading. If you are unhappy with the projected future, then together we can make the changes necessary to allow a more desirable future.

It is probably fair to say that relief of pain and removal of infection are high priorities for most of us and this is nearly always where we start. However, if you have a special occasion coming up then having an attractive smile might be your immediate priority. The point is that everyone has priorities that vary depending on their circumstances. This is why we are so particular about the diagnostic phase of your care – it allows your priorities to be accommodated as you travel the road to your desired dental future.

We are not here to diagnose your wallet.

There is a degree of health that you present with and a degree of health that you would like to achieve. Our role is to get you to that point; no matter how long it may take. Affordable dentistry is about providing you with enough time to reach your goal.

Maybe though you are impatient and just want to get the treatment over with. This is understandable and if this is your situation, we can put you in touch with third party financers so that your treatment is done more quickly and you can pay over time. The Australian Tax Office still allows a rebate on health expenditure, which can be used to cover the interest you accrue from this type of financing. If you would like to pursue this option, you should ask your accountant to verify that this will apply in your particular circumstance.

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