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The most important service we can offer you is diagnosis. We don’t just want to find out what is happening, but why it is happening.

If we had access to photos of your teeth taken every month since you were 12 months old then we could stitch them together into a movie. This movie would be a dynamic representation of how your teeth have transitioned to their current condition and it would be a good predictor of where things are headed into the future. Unfortunately, that movie was never made.

Instead, we have records of a point in time (today) from which we need to be able to predict what is likely to happen into the future. If you are happy with the predicted future, then not much needs to change. However, if the prediction is for deterioration which you don’t want to happen, then you will probably want to develop a plan that will lead to a future you will be happy with. We would like to help you develop your plan and so help you implement a change in your future. To do this we need a comprehensive record of how things stand today.

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You will notice that during the examination the assisting nurse will call out a series of questions from a checklist. We have designed this checklist to make sure that we remember to examine everything.

The procedure is rather like the pre-flight check that the pilots undertake before a plane flight. We could probably get by without it, but it’s reassuring to know that we haven’t left anything out.

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We examine your lips, tongue, cheeks and other soft tissues

Oral cancer is one of the more common cancers and can be one of the more aggressive ones. It can also be very hard to detect which is why we like to make a specific commitment to concentrate on a thorough evaluation of the soft tissues early in our examination procedure.

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We examine your muscles

Everyone knows that muscles will not be sore unless they have been over-worked or injured. The human body is wondrously made and we are often unaware of damage that has occurred because of the ways we adapt to cope with the damage. By examining your muscles we can get an idea of how you are coping and what we might find when we look inside your mouth later in the examination.

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We examine your teeth

Some of the many things we check about your teeth are: wear, abrasion, microscopic cracks and broken fillings.

We look at your old amalgam fillings to see if their surface is swollen, rough, or corroded.

We note areas of early decay that may need preventative treatment, and we record the position of any scale (calculus) and stain that should be removed from your teeth.

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Your Gums

We also examine your gums for signs of disease. To do this we measure down the sides of the teeth to check that the tooth is properly joined to the gum. Separation of the tooth and gum and bleeding of the gums are early signs of advancing gum disease.

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When we feel it is necessary we will advise you to have x-rays.

We take two basic kinds of x-rays:

  • Close-up x-rays to check for decay between your teeth and to give a detailed view of individual teeth and their surrounding bone.
  • Full Jaw X-rays that show the whole of your upper and lower jaws in three dimensions.

We understand that many people are concerned about the dose of x-rays that we all receive, so we will only recommend x-rays when we feel they are really warranted.

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Photographic Records

Photographic records are an important part of the records we take – “a picture paints a thousand words” isn’t just an artistic concept. The photographic records are important for both our initial assessment and review. They are also a very good way for you to see what is happening and allow you to “see what we see”.

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From these records we can develop a plan with you that will get you to where you want to be. Comprehensive dentistry can cost a lot of money and priorities can change for any number of reasons. As long as we both know where you want to be at some point in your future, then the time frame to achieve your desired end point can be flexible.

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