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Verb: The action to revive or revitalise

Synonyms: reanimation, rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation, rejuvenescence, renewal, resurgence, revival, resuscitation, revitalization, revivification

“the story of the resurrection of Osiris”

Synonyms: raising from the dead, restoration to life;

Sometimes it is just not viable to retain your teeth despite your best efforts.

The good news is that you can still have all the benefits of teeth, even when you no longer have any teeth. It sounds impossible to turn your biggest problem into your greatest asset, but this is exactly what the All-On- 4 system can achieve.

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth coloured composite resin fillings are a conservative and aesthetic choice for restoring cavities or replacing old worn amalgam fillings. Composite resin may be the filling of choice for you if you:

  • Are getting a small filling in an area that is visible during smiling or talking
  • Would like to keep cost and treatment time to a minimum
  • Are willing to accept an option with reduced longevity and resistance to wear and staining
  • Would like to keep as much of your existing tooth structure as possible

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Root Canal Treatment

A Root Canal Treatment is usually performed on a tooth when the pulp or “nerve” in the tooth is dead or dying. A severe toothache that is keeping you awake at night is usually a good indication that a Root Canal Treatment is needed. Unfortunately, the only alternative to having a Root Canal Treatment is to extract the tooth. There are a few circumstances in which a tooth will need a Root Canal Treatment.

Most common reasons are:

  • If there is a gross amount of decay in the tooth which go right down into the pulp of the tooth.
  • If the tooth has had a large restoration (filling or crown) on the tooth for many years which can put “strain” on the tooth.
  • If the tooth has sustained trauma. E.g. the tooth has been bumped in a fall or accident

Root Canal Treatments cannot usually be completed in one visit. They are divided over at least two appointments spread over time ranging from weeks to months. We will advise you of the appropriate time interval for you after each visit.

After a Root Canal Treatment is completed, there is often a lot of tooth missing. It is strongly suggested that a crown is placed on a back tooth to help maintain its strength. This should usually be completed as soon as possible after a Root Canal Treatment as without the crown there is a high risk that the tooth may fracture and not be reparable.

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Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Teeth are usually extracted for one of three reasons:

  • The tooth can’t be repaired
  • The tooth is infected or badly damaged and you don’t want to repair it
  • The tooth is damaging other teeth or causing pain (This is the common reason that wisdom teeth are electively removed)

The main thing for you to be aware of regarding the extraction of teeth is that once the tooth is removed, the bone that kept the tooth in place is also removed over time. This means that your options for the aesthetic or functional replacement of the tooth diminish as time goes by. One way of slowing the loss of the supporting bone is to place a bone graft at the time the tooth is extracted, or even a few weeks later. The grafting procedure gives you many more options down the track should you decide to replace the missing tooth. It may seem unlikely at the time that you would ever want to replace that missing tooth, but if additional teeth are also lost around that site then you may be left with either very few replacement options or a very expensive and complicated regenerative procedure. A bone graft at the time of the extraction can be seen as an insurance policy that you never want to have to use.

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